The Divine Inspiration of Scripture


Photo:  © Andrew McMahon used by kind permission

God Created Us For A Love-Relationship & Loves To Speak To Us

God created us for a love-relationship with him as our Creator in which we are his children and he is our heavenly Father. The Bible claims to be a record of God's dealings with human beings and of what God has said through his spokespersons over the centuries.

From Divine Inspiration to Written Records of God’s Words to us

What we call THE BIBLE (Greek biblos=papyrus book) began life as AN ORAL TRADITION of God's SPOKEN WORDS to human beings. These accounts were originally stories recording times and events when God had encountered individuals and spoken to them personally. The stories were handed down orally from one generation to the next until writing was invented. With the development of writing around 1500 BC these stories were written down to become WRITTEN RECORDS.

2 PETER 1:16-21 defines the divine inspiration of Scripture and its origin in God's word to human beings through his agents the prophets and those called to record significant events initiated by God. For more, go to HOW WE GOT THE BIBLE by John F MacArthur Jr in pdf format.


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