The Fine-tuning Of The Universe

NASA Solar System PIA12114small

Diagram of our solar system, planets and outer space   Image courtesy of NASA

The Cosmological & Other Physical Constants

Author Ruth Piercey in her book FINDING TRUTH comments on the fine-tuning of  our universe.

The origin of the universe has given rise to a puzzle known as the fine-tuning problem.The fundamental physical constants of the universe are exquisitely balanced, as though on a knife’s edge, to sustain life. Things like the force of gravity, the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, the electromagnetic force, the ratio of the mass of the proton and the electron, and many other factors have just the right value needed to make life (on earth) possible. If any of these critical numbers were changed even slightly, the universe could not sustain any form of life.

For example, if the strength of gravity were smaller or larger than its current value by only one part in 1060 (10 followed by 60 zeros) it would make the universe uninhabitable."

The Goldilocks Enigma

The "Goldilocks Enigma" has been coined to refer to the amazing way in which the universe seems to have been fine-tuned so that it is "not too  hot, not too cold but just right." It is one of the pieces of evidence which suggest an Intelligent Designer designed the universe.

For an article on arguments for fine tuning and intelligent design, go to AN ATHEIST DEFENDS INTELLIGENT DESIGN.


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