Archaeological & Topographical Evidence

stone jars    pilate inscription

(Left) Stone water jars from the time of Jesus Christ  (Right) Inscription with the name of
Pontius Pilate Source: Digging for Jesus, ITV, 2005  © Flame TV used by kind permission

Archaeological Evidence Supporting The Gospel Accounts

heel bone with nail

The heel bone of a crucified man named
Jehohannan with a Roman nail still through it
found in his ossuary in Jerusalem, 1968
Source: Digging For Jesus, ITV 2005,
©  Flame TV  used by kind permission 

Garden Tomb  

The Garden Tomb, Jerusalem  
Photo courtesy of  

Types of Evidence for The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

There are two main kinds of evidence for the resurrection  -
•  Written records  both (a) Christian accounts in The Gospels & Epistles; and  (b) non Christian accounts eg Josephus, Pliny and The Qur'an
•  Archaeological & topographical evidence  eg inscriptions; artefacts; human remains; tombs

An Agnostic's Journey To Find The Risen Christ

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