Faith For Miracles

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The Power of God's rhema Word: God's dynamite!  Image: © manipulateur  Adobe Stock Images

The Dynamite Of God

The Spirit of God is the power of God. The Greek word translated as power is dunamis - the word Alfred Nobel used for the new explosive he invented DYNAMITE!

In ROMANS 1:16 Paul says he is not ashamed to preach the Good News about Jesus Christ because it is the dynamite of God that is able to save everyone who puts their trust in Jesus from going to hell.

HEBREWS 4:12 says: The Word of God is living and active  -  razor sharp and able to dissect a person's soul and the spirit..and judge the thoughts and intentions of the human heart.

Faith For Works Of Power

Faith for working miracles is a God-given anointing by the Holy Spirit for a specific purpose and occasion  -  for example, to cause people to be amazed and turn to Christ. In the New Testament we see several examples of this gift of the Spirit, although it is assumed rather than explicitly described. It is often associated with healings, where one of the apostles, under the unction of the Holy Spirit, says to a person: Look at me! The account of the incident is prefaced by the words: Fixing his/their gaze on him/her. Examples: ACTS 3:2-8; ACTS 14:8-10

The purpose is always the same: To cause wonder and amazement so that people turn to faith in Jesus Christ.


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