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What is 'Fasting'?

Fasting is a way of showing God we mean business and want a closer walk with him, usually by going without food and water in order to bring our fleshly/
bodily desires under control.

Why Fast?

•  to humble ourselves before God and seek his will    PSALM 35:13
•  to confess and repent of sin                                DANIEL 9:3
•  to mourn over sin in the nation                            JOEL 2:12
•  to draw closer to God in warfare against the enemy    MARK 9:29
•  to bring the flesh under control              1 CORINTHIANS 9:25-27
•  to seek God's wisdom and guidance for a decision        ACTS 13:3

When to Fast?

•  As a spiritual discipline regularly LUKE 2:37 ; MATTHEW 6:16
•  As instructed by God and led by the Spirit  ISAIAH 58; DANIEL 9:2-3
•  Before important decisions are to be made ESTHER 4:15-16; ACTS 13:3
•  As part of spiritual warfare against the enemy  2 CHRONICLES 20
•  Corporate fasting by the Body of Christ as a sign of repentance & grief at sin  NEHEMIAH 9:1-3