Getting Right With God


Confession of sin is part of getting right with God 
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Our Biggest Problem: Sin & Our Need To Get Right With God

We have seen that mankind's biggest problem is SIN  -  the fact we were born rebels, who want to go our own way and don't want to have anything to do with God.

If we want to have a relationship with God and find our crucial needs met by him, we need to deal with the problem of our sinful nature that wants to go its own way. The Bible word for dealing with sin is REPENTANCE.

The Meaning Of Repentance

REPENTANCE = turning from going my own rebellious way and turning to go God's way.

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We Cannot Change Ourselves: Only God Can Change Us

This is not something we can do for ourselves. It takes a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit to show us our sin and a sinless human being to take the punishment our sins deserve in the eyes of holy God.