Gifted To Serve


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Empowered by the Holy Spirit for Service

In JOHN 15:1-5 Jesus told the disciples that without his enabling power, they could do absolutely nothing. After his return to heaven, God fulfilled his promise to send the Holy Spirit to empower his followers with supernatural power. The moment the Holy Spirit anointed Peter at Pentecost, he preached such a powerful sermon that 3,000 people were converted on the spot, and later he was used by God to heal a lame beggar  ACTS Chapter 2:1 - Chapter 3:10.

In BAPTISM IN WATER & IN HOLY SPIRIT we saw that Jesus himself as well as others were baptised in both water and in Holy Spirit at conversion. This is the normal Christian birth in the New Testament. But in the Book of Acts we see the apostles empowered for ministry of different kinds as the Holy Spirit determined on different occasions.

Anointed For Ministry

Look at the following passages and identify the kind of anointing each person received 

•  ACTS 3:2-8  •  ACTS 4:1-14  • ACTS 5:1-11  • ACTS 5:12-16  • ACTS 6:8-10  • ACTS 7:54-60  • ACTS 8:5-7  • ACTS 8:26-39  • ACTS 9:10-19

Q Were these anointings the same or different from the baptism in Spirit each person received at conversion?


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