Pictures Of Paradise

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Gold ringed dragonfly  Photo: Peter Hodge

The Bible Gives Us Glimpses Of Heaven's Glory

The Bible does not give us a detailed description of what heaven is like, because we couldn't comprehend it with our finite, earth-bound minds. Instead we are given one or two tantalising glimpses of the glory that awaits God's children.

•  A HEAVENLY HOME   In JOHN 14:1-6 Jesus tells his disciples that he is about to leave them, but it's so he can prepare a place for them in heaven with God. He assures them there is plenty of room and he is their passport to eternal life.

•  A PORTRAIT OF PARADISE  In LUKE 16:19-31 Jesus contrasts the life of Lazarus in heavenly bliss with Abraham, the father of the faithful, with the torment being suffered by the rich man, who had ignored the poor man's misery while he enjoyed a life of luxury on earth.

•  A HEAVENLY WEDDING: The Wedding Feast of The Bride & Bridegroom 
In MATTHEW 22:1-14 and in MATTHEW 25:1-13 Jesus likens heaven to a wedding banquet to celebrate the marriage of a bride and bridegroom. We see a similar picture in REVELATION 19:1-10. In each of these pictures the bride represents the Church/the people of God and the bridegroom Christ.

•  HEAVEN AS THE NEW JERUSALEM  In REVELATION 21:1-4 the picture of God's people as a bride is linked to a vision of heaven as a city - the New Jerusalem - where sin, suffering, sorrow and separation from God are removed for ever. In his vision John sees an indescribably beautiful city, inhabited by God and his people, freed from all earthly limitations  -  a place of unimaginable joy and splendour.

•  HEAVEN AS BEING FILLED WITH THE SHEKINAH GLORY OF GOD & THE PRESENCE OF JESUS   REVELATION 4-5  filled with joy inexpressible and full of glory

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Even so, LORD Jesus, Maranatha! 


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