God As Righteous Judge

Arrivals at Auschwitz BirkenauSMALL holo8  

The Reality of Evil                    Photos: © The Jewish Holocaust Archive

The Reality of Evil & The Justice of God

The Nazis' attempt to exterminate God's chosen people, the Jews, reminds us of the reality of absolute moral evil, in spite of the attempts of -

(a) moral relativists to deny absolute good & evil
(b) historical revisionists to deny the historical reality of the Holocaust and other genocidal atrocities.

The Classic Problem Of Evil

Evil is really only a problem for those who believe in God as good and just.

Stated in its simplest form the problem of evil poses two questions -

Q1  If God exists, why does he allow such evil to occur to apparently innocent people?

Q2  If God exists, how can he allow such evil to go unpunished?