God Created Us For Relationship

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God created us for relationship
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Created For Relationship With God & With Others

When God created the first human beings, he created them for relationship.

GENESIS 1:26-27 says God created us in his image for a love-relationship with him.  He is the Three-in-One God -The Trinity consisting of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. [For more go to  THE TRINITY]

GENESIS 2:18-24 says that God created man and woman for a love-relationship and for the procreation of the human race.

Human Beings Reflect God's Character & Personality

Someone has pointed out that it was not Something that produced human beings but Someone.

In creating human beings God was displaying aspects of his character such as mind, will, emotions, a desire for relationship, feelings such as tenderness and the capacity to care for others, and a conscience which distinguishes between right and wrong. These are a reflection of God's own character: for example, the love of a Father for his children, which we read of throughout the Bible, and his hatred of evil while loving sinners.

God Created Us Different From Other Animals To Rule Over The Animals

The Bible also says that God created human beings to look after his creation including the animal kingdom. In this sense human beings are of a higher order than the rest of the animals, even though some animals (for example, other primates such as chimpanzees) have many genetic and other characteristics similar to ours.

For more on mankind's control over the animal kingdom, go to  MANKIND'S CONTROL OVER CREATION.

God Created Us With Us Free Will


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