Gravity vs Lift-off

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Airbus A320 at rotation point before take-off  
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The Law of Gravity vs The Law of Aerodynamics

This conflict between our old self-centred nature and new Spirit-filled nature that wants to go God’s way has been likened to the difference between THE LAW OF GRAVITY  and  THE LAW OF AERODYNAMICS, when talking about how an aeroplane flies.

When an aeroplane is ready to take off, the pilot increases the throttle to increase its speed down the runway until it reaches what is called the rotation point. At this point the pilot gives the order "Rotate" and the co-pilot pulls back on the joystick to raise the plane's nose. Up till this point The Law of Gravity has kept the plane glued to the ground. But when it reaches the 'rotation point', another law of physics - The Law of Aerodynamics - takes over. When this happens, the plane gets lift-off and begins to climb into the air.

The Pull of the Old Nature (gravity) vs New Life in the Power of the Spirit (lift-off)

•  Our OLD NATURE is like THE LAW OF GRAVITY and wants to keep us rooted to the ground of our old sinful way of life.

•  Our NEW SPIRITUAL NATURE is like THE LAW OF AERODYNAMICS and wants to give us lift-off, so we can live life in the power of the Holy Spirit.

When we were born again, or born from above, at conversion, the Holy Spirit gave us lift-off so we could live our lives under God's control instead of our old fleshly way of life. As long as we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we will remain airborne. But just as a plane will plummet to the ground like a stone if the pilot switches off the engines, so we will revert to our sinful way of life if we rely on our fleshly natures rather than asking God to fill us with the Holy Spirit each day.


How To Keep Airborne

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