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Mediaeval Myth or Present Reality?     LUKE 16:19-31

Jesus told a parable about A RICH MAN AND A POOR MAN.


is shown living a life of luxury that is oblivious to -
(a) the needs of others less fortunate and
(b) the consequences for a possible life after death.

•  He is totally self-centred and lacks the most basic compassion for the
    beggar at his gate.
•  He lives only for the here-and-now.

Like a lot of people today his motto is: "Eat, drink & be merry for tomorrow we die."

The Rich Man's Philosophy of Life can be summed up as  -
1. Look after the Number One and to hell with everyone else
2. Don't worry about life after death or the idea of judgement   - they're just fairy- tales to frighten children


named Lazarus does not complain about his life of misery.
1. He trusts in the mercy of God and human beings to show the mercy and compassion God commands in his Word.
2. He puts his hope in God's promise of life after death as promised in God's Word - The Torah and The Prophets

The Final Destiny Of The Rich Man & The Poor Man


When he dies, the Rich Man to his surprise finds himself in torment in Hell. In the distance he sees the Poor Man in Paradise being cradled by Abraham, the Father of the faithful. In his torment he begs Abraham to send Lazarus to slake his terrible thirst with a drop or two of water. But Abraham says that's impossible because there's an unbridgeable chasm between them.


When he dies, the Poor Man finds himself in Paradise.

Two Destinations