Tests Of Truth


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The Rise Of Heresies

From the early days of the Christian Church people have held various beliefs about Jesus Christ and God. These differing views were called heresies, from a Greek word haeresis meaning choice. Over the centuries the word came to mean doctrines which were not the biblical beliefs of the Christian Church.

Because various wrong views were being spread about the nature of God and Jesus Christ, the early church leaders met to formulate statements of belief, which we call CREEDS.

The creeds were a direct answer to some of the challenges to biblical truths.


Three Main Challenges To Biblical Belief

Questions have been raised over three main areas of Christian beliefs -

Q How can God be Three-in-One at the same time and in the same way?  

Q How can Jesus Christ be fully God and fully man?  

Q How can sinful human beings go to heaven? 

For a summary of the main challenges to Biblical truth, see  A SUMMARY OF ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN BELIEFS & CHALLENGES TO BIBLICAL TRUTH.