How To Be Baptised In The Holy Spirit

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Jesus' Promise Of The Holy Spirit To All Who Are Thirsty For God

In JOHN 7:37-39 we see Jesus making an astounding announcement at the most sacred moment in the ceremony on the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles.

"Everyone who is thirsty, come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scriptures say, [will experience] streams of living water flowing out from deep within them."

John explains that Jesus meant they would receive the Holy Spirit in them rather than just upon them.

For more on this, go to JESUS THE SPRING OF LIVING WATER.

The Promise Repeated Just Before Jesus' Return To Heaven

In  ACTS 1:3-8  Jesus promised that after he returned to heaven he would send the Holy Spirit to empower his followers to spread the good news of the arrival of the kingdom of God. He said:
• John the Baptist baptised with water as a sign of repentance & forgiveness of sin
• God the Father would baptise them with Holy Spirit to empower them to be his witnesses

The Promise Fulfilled On The Day Of Pentecost

In ACTS 2:1-41Peter tells the crowd on the Day of Pentecost of God's promise to pour out his Spirit on all flesh. In verse 37 the crowd ask:
"What must we do to avoid God's punishment for our sins?" 

Peter replies: "You need to do three things  -
• REPENT -  turn away from your sinful way of life to go God's way
BE BAPTISED in water to show you have repented
RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT as Jesus promised."

When people did this, three thousand were converted and experienced being overwhelmed by the Spirit. For more on this click on PETER'S SERMON AT PENTECOST.

Evidence A Person Has Been Baptised In The Holy Spirit

Signs of being baptised by the Holy Spirit include  -

A sense of God's love, joy and peace surrounding you

A sense of being overwhelmed by God's awesome power typically by being knocked to the ground/bent double

Finding yourself praising God in a new prayer language either in words unknown to you or in wordless song

Receiving new empowerment for ministry 
      eg prophetic words for individuals; healing through laying your hands on individuals; speaking out God's truth so that people come to Christ

A Testimony Of Being Baptised In The Spirit

To read a testimony of being baptised in the Spirit, click on  EXPERIENCING THE NEW BIRTH & BAPTISM IN SPIRIT.


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