An Impossible Debt Cleared

Debt Cleared

This couple had seen a debt of £5750 grow to one of £384,000 over twenty-five years, to the point they had no possible chance of ever paying it off.

Imagine their relief when a judge ruled in their favour and cancelled the debt altogether!

Jesus' Parable About Debts & Forgiving Others    LUKE 7:36-50

Simon the Pharisee was delighted when Jesus, the famous rabbi, agreed to come to his house for dinner. But his delight turned to sheer disgust when a prostitute gate-crashed the party and proceeded to make an exhibition of herself by pouring a whole bottle of expensive perfume all over his guest, weeping at his feet and drying her tears with her long, prostitute's hair.

In response Jesus told a parable of two men who owed money to a creditor  -  one a fairly small sum, the other an impossible amount. In an act of extraordinary generosity the creditor cancelled both the debts.

The Question

Which of the two would feel more relieved, Jesus asked Simon the Pharisee, who had invited him to dinner. The answer was of course quite obvious  - a "no-brainer". Clearly the one who owed the most.

The Point

The more you've been forgiven, the more you'll love Jesus. The more we realise how much we owe Jesus for dying in our place on the Cross to take the punishment for our sins, the more grateful we will feel and the more willing to forgive others who have hurt us and owe us an apology.

Q  How grateful are you to God for forgiving you your sins?     



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