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Jackie Pullinger

Working With Heroin Addicts, Prostitutes & Triad Gang Members in Hong Kong

Jackie Pullinger was a 22 year old music graduate, who felt the call of God to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. But when she applied to various recognised Christian missionary organisations, she was rejected. And so with just £100 in her pocket, but convinced God had called to her to go overseas, she took the advice of a Christian friend who told her to listen to God and then do as he said. She boarded a ship headed for the Far East and got off at Hong Kong, which was as far as her money would take her.

In Hong Kong she again met with scepticism from many Christians but felt the LORD leading her into The Walled City - a place notorious for crime, prostitution, opium addiction and Triad gang warfare. After a very difficult beginning, her perseverance was rewarded when she began to see God saving drug addicts and gang members through prayer under the power of the Holy Spirit.

The story of her work in The Walled City was published in CHASING THE DRAGON and caused a sensation in the Christian world as people read of the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives.

Video Of Jackie Pullinger's Work In Hong Kong: "The Law Of Love"

The work was eventually documented in a Channel 4 film of her work entitled THE LAW OF LOVE, which showed the work of the St Stephens Society with drug addicts, prostitutes and Triad members in the Walled City. It includes the testimonies of some of those delivered from drug addiction, who have gone on to share the work of taking the Good News of Jesus' power to set the captive free to the most marginalised in society.

To watch the video, click on THE LAW OF LOVE.







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