Jesus Fulfils Prophecy


Jesus' Fulfilment Of Prophecies Not Coincidence

Jesus' birth, life and ministry, death on the cross, resurrection and ascension were all evidence of his fulfilment of Old Testament prophecies concerning God's promised Messiah. They provide compelling evidence of his claims to be the Son of God, God's Anointed One, whom the Jews call Ha Mashiach.

Summary Of Old Testament Prophecies About Yeshua Ha Mashiah

•  The Messiah's pre-existence as God & co-Creator
•  The ancestry of the Messiah - a descendant of King David
•  His supernatural conception & natural birth to a virgin in Bethlehem
•  His sinless life & ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit working miracles of healing, deliverance & raising the dead
•  His teaching using parables for those with ears to hear
•  As Suffering Servant his betrayal by a friend, arrest, condemned on false charges, scourging, & execution
•  His death with criminals & burial in a rich man's tomb
•  His resurrection to life on the third day
•  His ascension to heaven & seat at the right hand of God the Father
•  His return as Conquering King
    -  to bring in God's eternal reign on earth &
    -  to judge the living and the dead on the Day of Judgement

The Statistical Improbability These Prophecies Were Fulfilled By Chance

It would be amazing if one or two of these prophecies were fulfilled in one person, but for all of them to be fulfilled in the one person, Jesus Christ, is outside the bounds of chance beloved by statisticians.

Jesus' Fulfilment Of Old Testament Prophecies

55 prophecies fulfilled in Jesus the Messiah 

300 Messianic prophecies fulfilled by Messiah Yeshua

Prophecies fulfilled by the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Videos of Jesus' Fulfiment of Prophecies

300 Prophecies fulfilled by Jesus as Messiah


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