Jesus' Model For Helping People


Phase 2: Understanding The Real Nature Of The Problem

A. Encourage the person to face the real issues   v25

“You chumps! How slow you are to believe what the prophets said.” 

Gently help the person to face up to the real issue(s). There comes a time when it is necessary to confront people in their grief with the real issues and to challenge wrong ideas.

Cleopas' and Mary's real problem is not grief but unbelief.

B. Gently confront wrong ideas with biblical truth v26 

“Didn’t the prophets prophesy the Messiah would suffer before triumphing?”

Gently confront any wrong ideas or assumptions. Grief is not a rational process and our perception of reality can become very warped. It's at times like this we need someone who loves us to gently but firmly help us to see things in perspective, as here.

Like many of us, they knew the scriptures about God's promised Messiah, who would save God's people Israel and usher in God's kingdom-rule once and for all. They just didn't understand the pictures in PSALM 22 and ISAIAH 53 of A Suffering Servant who would take on the punishment their sins deserved.

Phase 3: Looking At Ways Of Coping With The Problem(s)

A. Apply biblical truths / plans of action v27  

Beginning with Moses and all the prophets, Jesus explained to them everything the Scriptures said about Himself. Jesus gave them the biblical framework within which to view the events of Black Friday. God hadn't abandoned them. Jesus hadn't been lying when he said he would rise from the dead on the third! But they were too overwhelmed by grief to remember these things and needed someone to help them put the events into a biblical perspective.

B. Stay with the person till it's time to end the helping relationship vv29-34  

Jesus stayed with them for a meal and then left. It wasn't until Jesus broke bread and blessed it that Cleopas and Mary finally realised who the stranger was. He stayed with them just long enough to enable them to regain some sort of balance before leaving them to take the news of his resurrection to the terrified disciples in Jerusalem. It's important to prepare for the helping relationship to end when things have returned to some sort of normality to avoid an unhealthy dependency on the helper.


Q What do you notice about the way Jesus helped Cleopas and Mary?




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