Jesus The Bread Of Life

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Jesus Satisfies People's Physical Hunger

JOHN 6  is a classic illustration of the way Jesus publicised his message of the Kingdom of God by

•  DEMONSTRATION of one of his claims
•  PROCLAMATION  of his claim

Jesus' Demonstration: Feeding 5,000 People

 The demonstration in this example is Jesus' feeding of 5,000 people who had followed him into the desert the other side of the Lake of Galilee.

The feeding of the five thousand is a reminder of an incident that had happened centuries earlier, when the Children of Israel found themselves in the wilderness without food.

God's Miraculous Provision Of Meat & Bread For The Children Of Israel
EXODUS Chapter16

It too had been a test  -  to see if they would trust the God who had delivered them from bondage in Egypt. But they had complained to Moses and cried: "Why did you bring us out into the desert to die? If only we'd just stayed in Egypt. At least there we had plenty of food to eat." In desperation Moses had cried out to God to help and God had answered by sending meat, in the form of quails, in the morning and manna, from which they could make a form of bread in the evening. Needless to say, they got fed up with this after a while and continued to grumble.

The Point

God had provided for their practical needs in response to Moses' faith.


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