Jesus The Good Shepherd

shepherd in east

An Eastern shepherd with his flock  Photo: © Elspeth Paterson by kind permission

The Lord's My Shepherd   PSALM 23 

This psalm of David is probably one of the best known passages of Scripture because it is a favourite at weddings and funerals. In it David likens God to a Good Shepherd who loves and cares for his sheep.

Characteristics Of A Good Shepherd  -

•  LEADS me beside gently flowing streams
•  RENEWS my strength
•  GUIDES me in the right path
•  PROTECTS me even through the shadow of Death Valley
•  CALMS my fears
•  FEEDS me instead of allowing me to be a meal for enemies
•  ANOINTS my head with the oil of blessing
•  LETS ME BE WITH HIM forever

It's a wonderful picture of God's gracious blessings to his children, as described in other passages in the Old Testament:

PSALM 100:3   We are his people, the sheep of his pasture
ISAIAH 53:6     We all like sheep have gone astray
ISAIAH 40:11   He will feed his flock like a shepherd


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