The Character Of The Good Shepherd

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Jesus the Good Shepherd     Photo: ©  Adobe Stock Images

The Character of the Good Shepherd     JOHN 10:11-27

In these verses Jesus describes his role as the Good Shepherd.

The Good Shepherd

•  LAYS DOWN HIS LIFE for his sheep
•  PROTECTS the sheep from attack by predators such as ravenous wolves
•  KNOWS his sheep intimately
•  SPEAKS TO his sheep; they recognise his voice & follow him

Jesus' Care For His Sheep

As Christians Jesus says we can expect to experience his loving care -

•  A LOVING RELATIONSHIP with the Good Shepherd, who cares for us

•  PROTECTION from predators

•  COMMUNICATION -  we can expect to hear Jesus' voice

•  GUIDANCE as we follow the Good Shepherd where he leads

•  DISCIPLINE and correction from the shepherd's staff & crook

•  COMFORT and encouragement, when we are weak from going astray


A shepherd in the Highlands of Scotland has a special way of dealing with lambs that keep wandering away and getting themselves into trouble. At first he goes and fetches the animal and returns it to the rest of the flock. This may happen several times. Eventually the animal wanders away again and gets itself into trouble  -  caught in barbed wire or stuck down a gully.

When the shepherd first hears its plaintive cries, he appears to pay no attention. Finally, when the animal is weak from its cries and efforts to help itself, the shepherd goes and lifts it onto his neck and carries it for several days, feeding it by hand and from a bottle.

Then he puts it down again and lets it go free. And from that time the lamb will never stray away from him again.   cf  DEUTERONOMY 33:12



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