Joni Eareckson Tada

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A Diving Accident Changed Her Life

Joni was a fun loving, horse riding, physically active sixteen-year old when one summer's day in 1967 she dived into Chesapeake Bay,USA and hit a rock, breaking her neck and leaving her paralysed and completely dependent on others for her most basic needs. Her friends only increased her anguish in their attempts to explain why this had happened to her. She became so desperate she even begged her friends to help her end her life.

A Friend Points Her To The Cross Of Christ

In her despair she cried out to God for answers, but none seemed to come. A young friend Steve Estes didn't pretend to have any answers, but simply pointed her to Jesus' death on the cross to deal with all the suffering and evil in the world. He quoted the verses which say that whoever believes in Jesus will be saved (JOHN 3:16; 6:40). The cross, he said, showed how God can turn a tragedy into a triumph of his grace, when in our helplessness we put our trust in Jesus (ROMANS 8:28).

From Quadriplegia In A Wheelchair To International Ministry

Joni began to see that God could use her to reach out to others who were hurting with the love of Jesus and with the Good News of hope. With the help of Christian friends she began what has resulted in a ministry of hope to millions of hurting people throughout the world.

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