The Problem Of Sin

solar eclipse 1200x450

Total solar eclipse in 2017  Photo: Pixabay

God Is Light

The Bible says: "God is light and there is absolutely no darkness at all in him."  1 JOHN 1:5

He is described as "living in unapproachable light; no eye has seen him or can see him."  1 TIMOTHY 6:16

The brightness of God's shekinah glory is described as being "brighter than the sun shining in its full brightness for a whole week." ISAIAH 30:26

When the old apostle John saw the Risen Christ in a vision, he wrote: "His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance.." REVELATION 1:16

How Can Sinners Approach God?

The problem for sinners like us is how we can possibly approach a God of such holiness.