Know Your Enemies


Three Enemies: The Flesh, The World System & The Devil

The Bible talks about spiritual warfare in terms of three areas of life -

•  The FLESH:  the physical lusts for food, drink, sex

•  The WORLD: the human mindset that is anti-God

•  The DEVIL: and supernatural forces opposed to God 

The Flesh: Physical desires, or lusts, for food, drink, sex & pleasure

The lusts of the flesh can be seen in the following ways  -

•  LEVELS OF OBESITY IN THE POPULATION have reached alarming proportions and represent a real threat to the health of millions, while millions of people in other parts of the world starve to death

•  ALCOHOL & BINGE-DRINKING are producing more and more young people with liver disease and costing billions of pounds to business and the national health service

•  RATES FOR SEXUALLY-TRANSMITTED DISEASES such as chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV/AIDS have been rising, fuelled by a binge drinking, drug taking, & sexually permissiveness

•  LEVELS OF TEENAGE PREGNANCIES & ABORTIONS have been rising, in spite of government claims the answer is free contraception and better education in schools at younger and younger ages

•  A HUGE RISE IN THE AVAILABILITY OF PORNOGRAPHY and explicit material associated with organised paedophile rings

•  THE PURSUIT OF PLEASURE by fulfilling the desire for a fun-loving, thrill-seeking life to the exclusion of thoughts about God or a Biblically-based morality fuelled by TV programmes and films promoting the celebrity lifestyle and by opportunities for internet gambling on an ever-increasing scale with the promise of getting something for nothing

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