Lessons From David

PikiWiki Israel 4281 Waterfall in Ein Gedi

Spring at Ein Gedi where David fled when hunted by King Saul
Photo: © Piki-Wikipedia

David's Life As The Shepherd Boy-King Of Israel

His early life was spent herding his father Jesse's flocks in the hills around Bethlehem where David grew up. It is not surprising therefore that perhaps his most famous psalm is PSALM 23 describing his experience of God leading him as a shepherd leads his sheep, providing them with food, protection from enemies, and leading them along safe paths.

David's Heart After God

Later we see David in PSALM 42 expressing his longing for God to show up, as a traveller in the area around the Dead Sea longs for streams of crystal clear water like the springs to be found at Ein Gedi, which means "the spring of the goats."