Lessons From Paul

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When Prayer For Healing Is Answered In Another Way

In 2 CORINTHIANS 12:7-10  Paul describes suffering what he calls "a thorn in the flesh". There have been many theories as to what exactly he meant, but the most probable answer is that it was some form of disfiguring eye disease, which was unsightly and troublesome 
(GALATIANS 4:13-15) .

Paul's Prayer For Healing

•  Paul prayed three times and asked God to heal his painful condition.
    Paul clearly was bothered by his physical problem and knew he could go to God in prayer about it.
•  The answer he received was not the answer he had hoped for.
    Paul knew God can and does heal people and so he prayed for healing.
    But the answer he received was not what he had asked for.
    Instead of taking Paul out of the problem, God answered by saying he would take Paul through the problem.

Does God Heal Everyone?

The Bible clearly shows that God can and does heal people supernaturally as well as through the agency of doctors and the use of medicines.

The Problem

Some people teach that God heals everyone who prays and asks for healing.

As the passage above shows, this is not what the Bible teaches.


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