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Listening To God In Scripture: Entering God's Website

In  "GOD'S HOME PAGE: A Journey Through The Bible For Postmodern Pilgrims" (Bible Reading Fellowship, 1998) author Mike Riddell suggested that the Bible is more like a website than a book. You can't read the Bible from cover to cover like a novel. That's because the Bible consists of 66 different books, written over hundreds of years by different authors and covering all sorts of different topics from history to poetry to theology to how to live your life. So.....

The Word Of God Is Living & Powerful

HEBREWS 4:12 The Word of God is living and powerful - sharper than a sharp, double-edged sword. It is able to distinguish between the soul and the spirit and judge the thoughts and motives of our hearts.

For more on the power of God's Word, click on THE POWER OF GOD'S WORD.

Q How often do you read the Bible? Daily? Weekly? From time to time?

Q Do you experience God speaking to you through it by his Spirit?



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