Living In A Spiritual War Zone

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Christians are living in a spiritual warzone 

The Arrival of the Kingdom of God in the Person of Jesus Christ

Jesus' earthly ministry reflected the battle between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of satan. An example of this is to be seen in MARK 1:9-28 


Q1 What happened immediately after Jesus was baptised? (vv11-12)
Q2 What happened next?  (v13)
Q3 What was the message Jesus preached as soon as he began his ministry?  (vv14-15)
Q4 In verses 21-28 we see that Jesus' proclamation of the arrival of God's kingdom rule was followed by a demonstration of it. How?

The Aims of Jesus' Mission  LUKE 4:16-21

When Jesus stood up in the synagogue at Nazareth and read ISAIAH 61:1-3,  he was announcing the aims of his mission. These were:

•   To PROCLAIM THE KINGDOM-RULE OF GOD  -   the Good News that God is ultimately in control, not satan   
" Your God reigns!" (ISAIAH 52: 7)

•   To DEMONSTRATE the inbreaking of God's kingdom by
         -  HEALING the sick and binding up the broken-hearted
         -  SETTING CAPTIVES FREE from bondages of all sorts

Jesus' Commission To His Disciples: Do What Jesus Did     LUKE 9:1-2; 10:1, 8-9, 17-20

And Jesus gave his disciples the same mission before he ascended back to heaven  MATTHEW 28:19-20

•   To PROCLAIM the Good News that God is ultimately in control, not satan      
      "Your God reigns!"
•  To DEMONSTRATE the inbreaking of God's kingdom by HEALING and SETTING CAPTIVES FREE


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