Looking For Love In The Wrong Direction

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Human Rejection Of God's Love

Our problem is we are born rebels and try to satisfy our deep needs for security, self-worth and purpose in life without reference to God.

An Attempt To Live Without God   ECCLESIASTES 1:1-2:26

A classic summary of the lengths human beings will go to in an attempt to satisfy their deepest needs without God is to be found in The Book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament, which was written by King Solomon. Solomon had tried everything to satisfy his needs.

Instead of looking to God to fulfill his crucial needs, Solomon had tried a whole lot of other things. 
  WORK (1:3)
•  WISDOM (1:13; 2:12-16)
•  WINE (2:3)
•  WEALTH (2:4-7)
•  WOMEN (2:8)
•  WINE & FOOD (2:24)

The Origin of Addictions

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