Meet The Author

Meet The Author

An advertisement for a BBC programme MEET THE AUTHOR pointed out that if you really want to understand what the author is saying, you need to meet the author.

This is true for us when we come to read the Bible which was inspired by God the Holy Spirit.

Being Born Anothen Introduces Us To The Author

The key to understanding what God is saying to us in the Bible is to know the password which is  - "JESUS CHRIST" (JOHN 14:6;ACTS 4:12).

If I am a child of God as a result of being born again by the Holy Spirit, I can expect my heavenly Father to speak to me by his Spirit as I read his Word. All I need to do beforehand is to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me into the truth of what I am going to read. That's because Jesus said the Holy Spirit would guide us into all truth JOHN 16:13.

Q What promise does Jesus make in JOHN 10:27?

Q Have you experienced Jesus speaking to you through the Bible?


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