New Age Signs & Symbols

New Age symbols


The Deceit Of New Age Spirituality

The symbols above illustrate the deceitfulness of the New Age and the way its various manifestations have become an accepted part of Western living in the 21st century.
From Egyptian religion through Hinduism and Freemasonry the All-seeing Eye has even found its way onto the currency of the United States of America. Taoism from China and various forms of Yoga from Hinduism were popularised in the 1960s in America and Britain by young people disenchanted with traditional western values and by bands such as The Beatles while satanism and paganism have been popularised by heavy metal bands.
Alongside the decline in formal religion there has been a huge rise in occultism including witchcraft and old fashioned paganism along with astrology, divination and spiritualism as a reaction against the Judaeo-Christian worldview.

The New Age Claims That All Faiths Lead To Heaven


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