Origins Of Evil

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The Supernatural Face Of Evil

The Bible does not speculate about the origins of evil. Instead we see two pictures of rebellion against God  -
•  first in HEAVEN
•  then on EARTH

A. Rebellion in Heaven: ISAIAH 14:12-17; EZEKIEL 28:13-19

These two passages begin with a description of God's anger at two earthly kings - The King of Babylon and the King of Tyre - both of them implacably hostile to God's chosen people, Israel. But closer inspection shows they cannot be referring to a human being. In each case we see a picture of a supernatural being.

The table below summarises the characteristics of the angelic being before and after his rebellion.


Satan's Original Role

This angelic being was a GUARDIAN ANGEL, ANOINTED BY GOD, BEAUTIFUL & BLAMELESS. But his heart was set on usurping God's position and power through PRIDE & REBELLION, in which he apparently managed to attract a third of the angels with him (REVELATION 12:4) before they were BANISHED TO EARTH.