3 10 podcasts

3:10 Course Intro

A brief introduction to the background of The 3:10 Course.

Kenn Baird 5

Kenn talks about God's answer to the question of evil and suffering

Kenn Baird 4

Kenn shares an experience of witnessing God healing.

Kenn Baird 3

Kenn shares about seeing God at work in other people's lives.

Kenn Baird 2

Kenn shares about his dramatic encounter with Christ. 

Kenn Baird 1

Kenn Baird, Pastor of The Storehouse in Kilsyth, talks about the evidence for God

George Mitchell (4)

George on Jesus' victory over the demonic

George Mitchell (3)

George shares about the reality of God through circumstances

George Mitchell (2)

More from interview with The Reverend George Mitchell

George Mitchell

Interview with the Reverend George Mitchell.