The Problem of Evil


There is no pit so deep God’s
love is not deeper still.

The Problem of Evil

~ Betsie Ten Boom who died in
Ravensbruck Concentration Camp

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What Problem?

The postmodern, rationalist, scientific, secular worldview may be summarised as follows -
•  God does not exist; he is an invention of human beings to meet certain deep psychological needs; "Science has proved there is no need for a Creator." (Stephen Hawking)
•  There is no life after death; this world is all there is
•  There is no final judgement of people
•  There is no heaven or hell
•  Man is just another animal - "The hairless ape"
•  There is no such thing as sin against God's moral laws
•  There are no moral absolutes such as good and evil
• All moral codes are relative: no set of beliefs is better/ worse than another

No God, No Absolutes, No Problem of Evil

According to the postmodern view there is no problem of evil because there are no absolutes such as good and evil. All moral ideas are relative because the idea of good or evil assumes the existence of a moral lawgiver - ie God! 

If all ideas of good and evil are relative, there is no moral difference between the work of an Adolph Hitler and a Mother Theresa - each was sincere in his/her beliefs and was consistent in putting them into practice. The motives behind each and the outcomes are neither here nor there.

Living In A Post-Truth World

Along with moral relativism we are living in a post-truth world where fake news is rampant and governments use disinformation as part of phony warfare.

For more on this, go to  LIVING IN A POST-TRUTH WORLD.



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