The Reality of Evil

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Collection of human skulls from Auschwitz   Photo: ©  Adobe Stock Images

The Problem of Evil in the Postmodern World

The reality of evil is all too evident in spite of postmodern denials  -

•  Infants die from genetically inherited conditions
•  Villages are overwhelmed by earthquakes or tsunamis
•  Babies are sexually abused by paedophiles
•  Whole populations are slaughtered in 'ethnic cleansing'
•  Headless bodies are discovered after ritual murders

Human Beings Are Not Just Animals...........

The postmodern, scientific view of human beings is that we are just part of the animal kingdom. According to this view, mankind is simply "the hairless ape", sharing 90% of the same DNA as mice and monkeys with no special status as moral beings.

Human Beings Are Moral Beings

Interestingly, most people when interviewed on the street have an instinctive idea of right and wrong, good and evil, classifying the gratuitous use of violence against babies or the killing of old ladies for pleasure as morally repugnant, whatever their religious beliefs. So it would seem that human beings are different from the rest of the animals in this respect.

CS Lewis On "Right & Wrong As A Clue To The Meaning Of The Universe"

For more on the reality of a universal moral law, go to HUMANS ARE MORAL BEINGS.


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