Biblical Prophecy

All the way through the Old Testament we see God sending his spokesmen, the prophets, to call his wayward children Israel back to him and warning them of the bitter consequences if they refused.

The Call To Repent

The theme of the Old Testament prophecies was: "O Israel, Return To The Lord"

• Sometimes the messages contained a simple warning to repent -    FORTHTELLING

•  At other times prophets delivered a specific warning beforehand   -      FORETELLING

An Old Testament Example Of Prophecy

In 2 SAMUEL 12 we see an example of a prophetic word brought by the prophet Nathan to King David that is both > forth-telling and fore-telling.  The first part of the prophecy is in the form of a parable and a word of knowledge, which uncover David's sins of adultery and murder. The second part is a prophecy about the impact his sins will have on his family in the years to come  -  which was confirmed by subsequent events in Israel's history.

In The New Testament

In the New Testament we see the same two roles of prophets as God's spokespeople -  FORTHTELLING> God's people to repent and return to God and FORETELLING future events.For examples of New Testament prophets, click on these names  - Simeon; Anna; Agabus; The daughters of Philip; John the Baptist

Jesus Christ The Supreme Example Of Prophet

Of course the LORD Jesus Christ is the supreme example of a New Testament prophet and the two roles of the prophet  -FORTHtelling:
Jesus constantly warned God's children to "repent for the kingdom of God is near you."
FOREtelling: We also see Jesus prophesying the future destruction of Jerusalem, which eventually was fulfilled in 70 A.D, when a Roman army under Titus sacked the Temple and destroyed Jerusalem.


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