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Jeremiah on True vs False Prophets

In JEREMIAH 23:9-29 God speaks out through his faithful prophet Jeremiah against the false prophets who had been claiming to speak out in God's name.
Jeremiah feels God's broken heart at the wickedness that is being done in God's name. (v9)

•  Prophets and priests are behaving in wicked ways (vv10-11)
•  The prophets in Samaria prophesy lies and lead God's people astray (v13)
•  The prophets in Jerusalem commit adultery & fail to call God's people to repent  (v14)
•  God says he is going to punish them for giving false hopes of peace (v15)
•  God says they spoke without his authority (vv16-17)                           
•  He says if only they had spent time in his presence, they would have heard God speak & caused God's people to repent (vv16 and 22)
•  The false prophets are sharing their dreams with one another instead of leading God's children to repent and return to him (vv25-29)

A Prophetic Vision Of The End Times

In 1973 God gave David Wilkerson, best known perhaps for his work with New York gangs and the book "The Cross & The Switchblade," a series of visions, which were published in a book entitled The Vision.

In this book David Wilkerson shared what God had shown him. Many people, including Christians, denounced Wilkerson as a scaremonger and a messenger of doom and gloom. But in the 35 years since the book was first published, most of the prophetic warnings have been fulfilled and Wilkerson has been shown to be a true spokesman for God.

Perhaps most importantly David Wilkerson continued to preach the Word of God boldly and fearlessly from the pulpit in the church in Times Square, New York , where he was called to be pastor and the work of Teen Challenge, founded to minister to drug addicts, has grown into an international ministry which celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in 2008.

Like the Old Testament prophets, John the Baptist and Jesus himself, David Wilkerson faithfully called people to repent of their sins and to heed God's warnings of coming judgement.

For more on David Wilkerson's vision of coming events, go to SIGNS OF THE TIMES.



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