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Reformatting Your Hard Drive

Becoming a Christian is a bit like reformatting the hard drive on your computer. It is a radical process of wiping off the old data and installing brand new software.

A.  A Changed Mind (thoughts/attitudes)

The Holy Spirit has convicted me of my SIN, God's RIGHTEOUSNESS, and final JUDGEMENT (JOHN 16:8-11).

Repentance begins when I become aware of the fact it was my sin that put Jesus on the Cross to die in my place and take the punishment my sins deserve.

• God's holiness, hatred of sin and the need to punish those who reject his love and his laws

• My own sinfulness in the eyes of a holy God    1 JOHN 1:8,10

• Jesus’ death on the cross in my place to save me from God’s punishment for sin

• Jesus’ resurrection and ascension is the way God sends His Holy Spirit to indwell  the Christian with eternal (spiritual) life

• I realise only Jesus' Blood shed at Calvary for the forgiveness of sins can save me from God's wrath on the Day of Judgement



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