Satan Is A Legalist

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Satan will hold a person in bondage where we have broken God's Law   Photo: © succo Pixabay

When We Break God's Law We Allow Satan To Have Legal Authority In Our Lives

When we are born again, we are no longer subject to the Law but have been redeemed, or bought back, from satan's ownership of our lives.

But if we or our ancestors have broken God's Law and have not confessed our sin, brought it under the Blood of the Cross and renounced it, we/they have given satan legal authority to harass us until we have brought the inquity, trangression and sin under the Blood of Jesus.

This is why we read of NEHEMIAH (NEHEMIAH 1:1-11and DANIEL (DANIEL 9:4-8 and 15-19) confessing and asking God's forgiveness for not just their sins but the sins of their forefathers.

God's Law In The Old Testament

God's Moral (as opposed to Ritual) Law is contained in the Old Testament under the headings of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS in THE BOOK OF EXODUS (Chapter 20 )and in THE BOOKS OF LEVITICUS (LEVITICUS 26:1-46) & DEUTERONOMY (Chapters 27-28). In LEVITICUS 20 and DEUTERONOMY 18:9-16  God prohibits consulting with mediums, spiritists or witchcraft.

In these chapters we read of God's passionate love for his Chosen People - the Children of Israel  -  and also his hatred of anything that would break his covenant of love with them. 

Jesus Came To Fulfill The Law, Not To Destroy It

In MATTHEW 5:17-20 Jesus says that he did not come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it and that God will not be happy with those who teach that this is not so.

This as well as pastoral experience shows that satan will use any means he can, including generational and other sin committed before we become Christians, to harass us if he has been given legal authority to do so.

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