Eschataology: The Study Of The Last Days

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In recent years the media has been full of talk about THE END TIMES and THE END OF THE WORLD. Words and phrases like Apocalypse, The Doomsday Scenario, Armageddon, and Judgement Day have become popular themes for books and films about how and when the world may end.

A Prophetic Vision Of The Day Of The Lord

In many cases such stories are based more or less loosely on passages from the Bible, such as DANIEL Chapters 10-12 which contain a prophetic outline of events in the final days leading up to THE DAY OF THE LORD, or The Parousia (Christ's Second Coming), when God's promised Messiah will appear to bring in God's kingdom-rule finally on earth and deal with satan and his forces once and for all time.

The diagram below is an outline of events, based on a Pre-Millenial Post-Rapture interpretation of Daniel's prophecy. (For more on this click on PRE-MILLENIALISM.)