A Vision Of Things To Come

David WilkersonSQUARE

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In 1973 God gave David Wilkerson (above) a series of visions over a period of two months about things to come.
These were eventually published in 1974 in a book titled The Vision. In it he predicted:

Economic Chaos

1. Economic crash coming 
2. All will be affected 
3. Western currency in trouble
4. New world monetary system 
5. Economists confused 
6. False boom 
7. A few good years to prepare 
8. Uncontrolled credit debt  
9. Bankruptcies of major companies
10. Government panic
11. Auto industry hit hard 
12. Building industry setbacks 
13. Gold will not provide security
14. Suicide by overdose
15. Confusion for the “Positive Thinking” preachers
16. The United States to be blamed
17. Recovery from recession
18. Governmental bankruptcy 
19. Rising unemployment 

Rise In Natural Disasters

20. Drastic weather changes
21. Pandemic diseases
22. Famines
23. Depletion of relief funds
24. Killer diseases 
25. Burning oil fields 

Rise In Immorality, Occultism & Apostasy

26. Triple-X-rated movies on TV after midnight  
27. Sex education to get In on the act
28. A homosexual epidemic
29. A falling away of nominal Christians
30. A last-ditch effort to deceive God’s chosen 
31. An increase of false doctrines 
32. Sex drug

Persecution Of Christians

33. A “Spirit of Persecution” is coming upon the Church 
34. Homosexuals & lesbians welcomed by super church
35. Persecution from Hollywood 
36. Persecution through taxation of churches 
37. Satanic churches & ministers

Jesus' Warnings Before His Death & Resurrection

Before his death and resurrection Jesus said:

"You know how to predict the weather....but you can't discern the signs of the times. A wicked and adulterous generation look for signs and wonders, but the only sign they will get is the sign of Jonah." (MATTHEW 16:1-4)

He explained what he meant in MATTHEW 12:38-40 by saying he would be buried in the ground for three days and then rise again on the third day. If people will not believe in his death and resurrection, no amount of signs and wonders will convince them that Jesus really is the Saviour of the world.


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