The Rapture Of Believers

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An artist's impression of The Rapture of believers   
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Jesus On The Signs Of the Times    

In LUKE 21:5-31 Jesus himself mentioned a number of signs heralding the time when he will return to bring in God's eternal rule once and for all. 
•  Wars & rumours of wars
•  Earthquakes, famines & plagues/pandemics
•  Strange astronomical events/signs in the solar system
•  Persecution of Christians
•  Jerusalem surrounded by armies
•  Mass terror at the strangeness of events                        

Don't Be Deceived Or Distressed By The Signs Of The Times  MATTHEW 24; 2 PETER Chapters 2 - 3

Jesus warned his disciples DON'T BE DECEIVED by false prophets and people claiming to be the Messiah, who will perform amazing signs and wonders to try to deceive even God's children (MATTHEW 24:23-25); and DON'T BE DISTRESSED by the signs of increasing chaos on earth and in the skies, which will precede his return.

Instead we are to BE ALERT and BE ENCOURAGED by the signs of his return at any moment.

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