Course Outline

KNOW GOD   -  The Evidence FOR  God

Finding God Is Real

    By Examining the Evidence
    By Experiencing God's Grace

The Creation: Created Universe
     Creation from Nothing 

     Immensity of the Universe 
     Fine-tuning of the Universe 
     The Orderliness of the Universe
     Macro- and  Micro-design
     The Beauty of Creation
     Science & Religious Beliefs

A Personal Creator
     Made in God's image
     God created us for relationship

     Free will
     Three Crucial Needs

     Looking for Love in the Wrong Direction
     The Origin of Addictions

     Desperate for Love
     Desperately Ashamed
     The Heart of the Problem
     The Evidence for God Is All Around Us
Free will
     The Problem of Sin

     Born Rebels
     Getting Right With God

Peter's Sermon At Pentecost
     God's Spiritual Heart Transplant
     How To Be Born Again
Humans as Moral Beings

     Mankind's Control of Creation
     What Is God Like? 
    Journeys To Faith
     Taste & See How Good God Is

The Word of God: The Bible
     Divine Inspiration of Scripture

     From Oral Tradition to Written Text
     Formation of the Canon
     Authority of the Bible
            Tests of Truth 
            The Development of Creeds
     The Power of God’s Word: spoken and written
    The Bible as Guide Map & Spirit as Compass

Jesus Christ: The Messiah
     The Trinity: The Three-in-One God

     God the Father
            Awesome Creator
            Righteous Judge
            Loving Father
     Jesus Christ The Son
            Incarnation: God as Man
            Jesus The Messiah
            Jesus’ ClaimsI AM    
                    The Way, The Truth & The Life
                    The Bread of Life
                    The Water of Life
The Gate
                    The Good Shepherd
                    The Light of the World
                    The Resurrection Life
                    The True Vine
Jesus & Other Religions
            Jesus’ Life & Ministry     
            Jesus' Method of Helping            
            Jesus’ Sacrificial Death
            Jesus’ Resurrection
            Jesus’ Ministry of Intercession 
            Jesus’ Return as Conquering King            
            Jesus’ Fulfilment of Prophecy

     God the Holy Spirit            
            The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit
                  Producer of the New Birth 
                  Guide into All Truth
                  Producer of the Fruit of the Spirit
                  Giver of Spiritual Gifts
                  Seal & Guarantee of Eternal Life

The Church of Jesus Christ
     Birth of The Church at Pentecost 
     The Church as The Body of Christ
            Christ the Head of the Body
     The Visible vs The Invisible Church

            Relationship vs Religion
            The Futility of Ecumenism
     The Church as The Family of God
     The Early Church
            In Jerusalem: a Jewish Church
            In Corinth: a Gentile Church
            In Antioch & Ephesus: A Missionary Church
     Believer’s Baptism
            Different Views of Baptism
            Baptism in Water & in Spirit
            Baptism in The Book of ACTS
            How to be Baptised in the Holy Spirit
            A Personal Testimony of Baptism in the Spirit
    The Lord’s Supper
            Symbols of Salvation
            The Jewish Origins of the Lord’s Supper 
            The Last Supper: Institution of A New Covenant
            The Meaning of The Bread & The Wine
                        Reformed vs Roman Catholic Views 

Israel: God's Chosen People

     Israel’s Origins & Journey to the Promised Land

            Abram & Sarai
            Ishmael & Isaac
            The Origins of Hatred of the Jews
            A History of Anti-Semitism
     Jerusalem: Centre of the World
            Where Was The Original Temple?
     Israelis & Palestinians
            Who Are The Palestinians?
     The Miracle of Israel: The Story of Israel
     Israel & The Church of Jesus Christ
     Israel & Armageddon: God’s Final Solution
The Roles of Faith & Reason
     Learning to Swim: a Parable of Faith

     Heart & Head: Faith & Reason
            Blaise Pascal
            Augustine of Hippo
     Science & Religious Beliefs 
     Reasons for Heart-felt Faith vs Head-felt Reason
     Examining the Evidence & Experiencing God’s Grace
      Stratified Reality
     A Reasonable Faith
     How Can I Be Sure?
      What about other religions?     
     Challenges to Belief in God
     Dawkins & The God Delusion     
     Science & Faith: Testimony of Francis Collins

KNOW POWER   -  Experiencing the Power OF  God

New Birth by the Spirit 

     A New Creation
     Two Kinds of Life, Two Kinds of Birth
     The Meaning of Being Born Anothen
     Supernatural Conception
     How To Be Born Again
     Evidence of Being Born Again
     Signs of Being Born Again
    My Identity in Christ

     The Battle between the Two Natures 
     The Flesh vs The Spirit
     Gravity vs Lift-off
    Disciplined Discipleship
    Amazing Grace

Life In The Power of The Spirit
     New Life in the Spirit: The Dove & Dynamite of God

     The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit
     The Holy Spirit’s Work
     Walking With Jesus Day By Day
            Jesus’ Four Spiritual Disciplines
            The Way of A Disciple
     Alone with God: Developing A Daily Quiet Time
     Preparing to Listen to God
            Aids to Listening
            Two Types of Bible Reading
     Recognising God’s Voice
     Hearing God Speak
            Biblical Meditation
     Listening to God in Scripture
            Meet The Author
     Devotional Bible Reading
            Keeping A Spiritual Journal
     Systematic Bible Study
            Types of Bible Study
            Inductive Bible Reading
    Listening to God in Prayer
      The Lord's Prayer
    Praying the Scriptures     
Warfare Praying
     Fasting: Reasons for
     Types & techniques of fasting 
    Praise & worship

Called To Be Holy
     God’s Boundaries

     The Ten Commandments
            Our Relationship with God
            Boundaries for Healthy Living
Ten in Two: The Royal Law of Love     

     Crucified with Christ
            Faith In Christ vs Faith Of Christ
            Dead To Sin, Alive To God
            Baptism as a Parable of Death & Resurrection
            Dead People Can’t Sin
     The Battle between the Two Natures
      The Flesh vs The Spirit
    Gravity vs Lift-Off: The Battle of The Two Natures
     Set Free From Slavery To Sin: Freedom in Christ
     Putting the Past Behind Us & Moving On
     Testimonies of Changed Lives

The Fruit of the Spirit
     One Fruit, Many Flavours

     Abiding In Christ
     Roots & Fruits
     Jesus The True Vine
     Pruning for Fruitfulness
     Building Healthy Relationships
            Get God’s Perspective on Life
            Get Rid of the Sin in Your Life
            Clothe Yourself in Christ’s Character
            Love One Another with God’s Agape-Love
     The Beatitudes: The Beautiful Attitudes
            The Blessedness of Godly Living
            Godly vs Worldly Lifestyles
            Jesus’ Gospel of An Alternative Lifestyle
     Growing In Christ: Stages of Spiritual growth
     The Process of Sanctification
            From Immaturity to Maturity
            Paul’s Goals of Discipleship
     Some Marks of Spiritual Maturity

The Gifts of the Spirit
     Gifted to Serve
     The Nine-fold Gifts of the Spirit 
         Gifts of Knowing: wisdom, knowledge & discernment
         Gifts of Doing: faith for miracles, healings, works 
         Gifts of Speaking
             tongues as prayer language, 
             tongues + interpretation
           General areas of gifting
     A Biblical Framework for Ministry
      Finding My Role in the Body
     Spiritual discernment
            Types of Discernment

            Spotting a fake
            Jesus’ warnings about signs & wonders          
     The Deceit of New Age Spirituality
            Occult roots
            Aims of One World Religion & A New Gospel
            New Age Signs & Symbols
     How To Avoid Being Deceived
     Testing Spiritual Experiences
            Two Essentials
            Five Tests of a genuine Work of the Holy Spirit
     Jesus’ Ultimate Test
     The Development of Creeds to Combat Heresies
            The Apostles’ Creed
            The Nicene Creed
     Trinity Truths & The Challenges to Orthodoxy
            The Trinity
            The Person of Jesus Christ
            The Way of Salvation
     Summary of Orthodox Beliefs & Main Heresies

Spiritual Warfare

     Living in a Spiritual Warzone
     The Aims of Jesus’ Mission & Commission 
     Know Your Enemies
            The Flesh, the World & The Devil
             The Lusts 
                        The Lusts of the Flesh
                        The Lust of the Eyes
                        The Pride of Life
            The World System
                        Scientific Rationalism
                        Moral relativism
             The Occult
                         astrology, divination, 
                         horoscopes, mediums

                         Alternative Spirituality: Reiki, Yoga
                        Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft and Satanism
            The Warfare Is Intensifying
     The Kingdom of God vs The Kingdom of Satan
            The Opposing Forces
            Angelic Forces & Spirit-filled Christians
            Fallen Angels and Demonic Spirits
            Demonic Spirits in the Bible
     Demonic Affliction  & Infiltration 
     Jesus’ Confrontation with Demonic Forces
     A Christian Response to Demonic Attack
     Enforcing Jesus’ Victory
             Jesus’ Victory in the Desert: The Temptations
            Jesus’ Victory in the Garden: God’s Way vs My Way
            Jesus’ Victory at the Cross & Resurrection
     Enforcing the Victory of Calvary
            Fighting from Victory, not for Victory
            Being Aware of Satan’s Strategies
     Don’t Give Satan A Foothold: 
            unforgiveness, rebellion, idolatry, occultism

     The Warfare Is Supernatural
     Warriors, Weapons & Warfare
     Putting on The Whole Armour of God
     The Word of God as The Sword of the Spirit
            The Written Word: It Is Written          
     The Power of the Blood of Jesus
            Ten Benefits of Jesus’ Blood
     The Name of Jesus
     Warfare Praying
            Praying in Tongues & With The Mind
            Praying Scripture
     Praise & Worship
            Using Scripture
            Many Different Forms of Praise & Worship 

Changed Lives
     Journeys To Faith
     People in the Bible Who Met Jesus:
          NicodemusAn Ethiopian Government Minister
          Cornelius, A TraitorA MurdererA Timid Pastor
     People in Church History Who Met Jesus:
          A Teenage RebelA Monk Named Martin
          A Religious ZealotA Slave TraderA Preacher
     People Today Who Have Met Jesus:
          Chuck ColsonDavid WilkersonJoni; Jim Elliot,  
          Helen RoseveareJackie Pullinger;
     Taste & See How Good God Is

SHARE PASSION   -   Sharing Christ’s Passion & Compassion

The Problem of Evil
       Postmodernism & The Denial of Evil

       Living In A Post-Truth World
       The Reality of Evil
       The Challenge of Evil for Believers
       The Classic Statement of The Problem of Evil
       Challenges to Belief in God
       The Origins of Evil
       The Fall of Man
       The Results of the Fall
       Living in a Fallen World

God’s Answer to the Problem of Evil: The Cross of Christ

     The Cross as The Hinge of History
     The Symmetry of God’s Salvation Plan
The Cross Reverses The Fall of Man
      The Meaning of the Cross
            Jesus Took Our Place
            Jesus Took Our Pain
            Jesus Took Our Punishment
      The Mystery of the Cross

            The Scandal of the Cross
            The Foolishness of the Cross
            The Glory of the Cross
     A Prophetic Picture of Messiah’s Suffering: PSALM 22
     My Sin Is Nailed To The Cross

Life After Death
     Evidence of Resurrection

     Theories About Jesus’ Resurrection
     Jesus Is Alive: Paul’s Statement of Faith
            How We Know Jesus Is Alive
            How Jesus Reveals Himself To Us
     God’s Justice & The Punishment of Evil
     The Problem of Evil & The Justice of God
     God’s Justice & Mercy
      Two Visions of Judgement
     Heaven or Hell: The Choice Is Ours
     A Parable of The Reality of Heaven & Hell
     Testimonies of People Who Have Been To Hell & Back

Sharing Christ's Compassion     
     Sharing Christ’s Suffering: From Witnesses To Martyrs
     State-Organised Persecution
     The Martyrdom of Bishop Polycarp
     Suffering for Christ: A History of Persecution
     The Persecuted Church Today: 
            Barnabas Fund, Open Doors & Release International
     Christian Grief
            Grieving My Own Mortality            
            Grieving the Death of a Loved One
            Stages & Patterns of the Grieving Process  
            Working Through Grief
     A Christian Approach To Death & Dying
            Jesus’ Guarantee of Resurrection
            Grieving the Death of a Loved One
            Organisations Who Offer Support To The Bereaved
     The Key: Christ’s Compassion
            The Love-Cycle of Christian Missions
            Wounded Healers     
     Sharing Jesus’ Love for a World of Suffering
            The Work of Christian Missions
     Tragedy to Triumph
            All Things Work Together for Good…
            Examples of Tragedies Turned To Triumphs
     The Christian’s Hope of Heaven
     The Guarantee of Eternal Life
     Glimpses of Glory

Biblical Lessons in Suffering
     Lessons from Job

     Lessons from Joseph
     Lessons from Jesus
     Lessons from David
     Lessons from Jeremiah
     Lessons from Paul

Signs of the End Times
     A World in Chaos
     Eschatology: The Study of the Last Days
     A Prophetic Vision of The Day of the LORD
     The Seven Year Tribulation
     Telling The True vs The False Messiah 
     A Prophetic Vision of Things To Come
     The Rapture of Believers
     The Return of Christ
     Fifty Signs of The End Times      


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