How We Know Jesus Is Alive

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The Word of God & The Power of God  MATTHEW 2:23-33

When the Sadducees (who did not believe in life after death!) tried to trap Jesus with a trick question about marriage in heaven, Jesus told them they were greatly mistaken because they knew  -

•  neither The WORD of God  which comes alive at conversion
nor       The POWER of God through the Holy Spirit at conversion

The Word of God & The God of The Word

Calvin pointed out that our knowledge of God comes through
•  FAITH in the truth of the Word of God (The Bible) & our
•  EXPERIENCE of God's loving-kindness and faithfulness to his children.

The Word of God   -   Meeting God In His Word

Because God says it in his Word, I believe it and that settles it. That's FAITH.
" The Word of God is living and active and sharper than a two-edged sword. It is able to divide the soul from the spirit and judge the thoughts and intentions of the human heart."    HEBREWS 4:12

The God of The Word  -  Meeting The God Who Authored The Word

The Holy Spirit who authored the Scriptures is the Holy Spirit who raised Jesus Christ to life from the dead and fills us with his resurrection power when we are born again, or born supernaturally from above.

Because of this, God is able to speak to us in a variety of ways and and we can EXPERIENCE GOD'S FAITHFULNESS.


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