Don't Give Satan A Foothold......


Ancient Scottish stronghold 
Photo: © Andrew McMahon by kind permission

..............Or It Will Become A Stronghold

The following things will give satan a foothold in our lives which he will use to create a stronghold if we let him. 

•  UNFORGIVENESS/BITTERNESS  In 2 CORINTHIANS 2:11 Paul says he has forgiven everyone who has hurt him  "in order that Satan  might not outwit us." Once we have confessed our sins and been forgiven, the enemy has no legal authority to harass us.

•  DELIBERATE SIN / REBELLION AGAINST GOD, especially breaking God's boundaries in the Ten Commandments, which puts me outside God's protection.

•  GREED / IDOLATRY by allowing someone or something to take the place of God in my life which is a form of idolatry

•  OCCULTISM eg astrology, horoscopes, or spiritualism which God has forbidden

Know The Warfare, Warriors & Weapons Are Supernatural

•  The warfare is spiritual and involves supernatural forces (EPHESIANS 6:12). Our struggle is not against flesh and blood (ie physical forces)  but against the rulers, authorities, and masters of this dark universe and spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

•  The weapons are spiritual and designed to destroy supernatural forces of evil (2 CORINTHIANS 10:3-5) The weapons we fight with are not fleshly but are divinely powerful to pull down (satanic) strongholds.