Spiritual Warfare

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Warfare, Warriors & Weapons 


Paul emphasises the supernatural nature of the warfare in which we find ourselves as Christians.
He says that -

•  THE WARFARE is supernatural
•  THE WARRIORS are supernatural
•  THE WEAPONS are supernatural

Supernatural Warfare At Three Levels: Body, Soul & Spirit

This is not a physical war between flesh and blood. It is a spiritual  -  ie  supernatural  -  battle between opposing supernatural forces in the heavenly realms REVELATION 12:7.

It pervades all three levels of human life, involving the physical, the soulish and the spiritual. It includes global, territorial and individual levels.

The Warfare Is Not A War between Equals

It needs to be emphasised that it is not a war between equals. Satan is a created being, like the other angels, and is no match for God! He is also a defeated foe, although his final demise is yet to come.