The Beatitudes  - The Beautiful Attitudes    MATTHEW 5:1-20

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Jesus' Sermon On The Mount

Jesus demonstrated the Royal Law of Love in his life and his teaching, and taught his followers the way they should behave if they wanted to reflect God’s character. This teaching is to be found in Matthew’s Gospel Chapters 5-7 in what is called The Sermon on the Mount, because Jesus taught the crowds from a hill near Lake Galilee.

The Search for Happiness vs The Blessedness of Living A Godly Life

If you ask most people what they want in life, they will say: "To be happy!" But happiness is an elusive thing and dependent on what happens to you. By contrast Jesus talked about the blessedness of living life the way God intended us to live.

That's because only God can satisfy our deepest needs for security, self-worth and significance, as you can see in the unit headed WHAT EVERYONE WANTS.

When we go God's way, we find God blesses us with his loving-kindness and enabling grace to face any situation life may throw at us. When we go our own way, we find ourselves frustrated and saying..."There must be more to life than this." 

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