The Meaning Of Being Born Again

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Being Born Again Involves Two Things

A. Things Only God Can Do - show us our sin, forgive us & give us new spiritual life

Our main problem as human beings is SIN - the tendency to go our own rebellious way.

1. Only God can -  a. convince me I am a sinner; b. forgive my sin; c. cleanse me from my sin & guilt

Only God the Holy Spirit can reveal our sinfulness to us and show us that our sin helped put Jesus Christ on a cross in our place. Only God the Father can forgive us and cleanse us through the Blood of Jesus that was shed on the Cross at Calvary.

2. Only God can -  a. give us eternal life in the power of the Holy Spirit; b. save us from the punishment our sins deserve & take us to be with him in heaven

B. Things Only I Can Do -  confess and repent of my sins & ask Jesus Christ into my life

1. Only I can Admit my sin in the eyes of a holy God.
    God is light - there is no darkness at all in him 1 JOHN 1:5

My problem: I cannot come into God's presence with all my sin.

I need to: a. admit my sin to God and to myself & ask God's forgiveness and b. receive God's forgiveness and cleansing

2. Only I can Repent of my sin - turn from my sinful, rebellious way of life that wants to have nothing to do with God and turn to God by putting my faith in Jesus Christ's death on the Cross to deal with my sin and his resurrection from the grave to give me new life.



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