Trinity Truths: The Three-in-One God

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The Trinity: Three Persons in One God
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The Biblical View Of The Trinity

The Bible view of GOD as Three-in-One can be summarised as  -

•  God is One God in Three Persons   -  Father, Son & Holy Spirit

•  Each Person of the Trinity is
  co-eternal (has always existed and is uncreated),    
    co-equal (each has the same power and importance as the others),
    co-creator (each was involved in the creation of all things visible and invisible),
    consubstantial  (of the same spiritual substance as the others)
•  We can have a relationship with God the Father through faith in Jesus Christ, the Son,through being born again by God the Holy Spirit. EPHESIANS 1:3-143:14-19; 1 PETER 1:2       

The Challenges To Biblical Truth About The Trinity

VARIOUS HERESIES have challenged these fundamental truths  -

•  Arianism  Arius asked  How can the Son be the Father?
    He claimed God the Father existed before, and was the creator of, God the Son

•  Islam  says Jesus Christ is not divine, simply a prophet, and believes Christians worship three gods

•  Jehovah's Witnesses deny Jesus is divine, claiming he is the Archangel Michael in human form

•  Mormons believe that trinity means three gods out of many gods

•  Monarchianism claimed God was One God with three facets (as the sun is round, bright & hot)

•  Modalism  maintained God was One God in Three Modes - one mode at a time 

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