Two Visions Of Judgement:  DANIEL 7:1-28; REVELATION 20:1-15


Daniel's vision (in the Old Testament) of the Day of Judgement is reflected in the apostle John's vision of the end times and the Day of Judgement (in the New Testament). The table below shows some of the similarities between them.

Two Visions Of Judgment

Court room with thrones
Court room with thrones
God  - The Ancient of Days
A Son of Man
God as Judge
Jesus Christ & others
Millions of angels

Millions of angels

The dead
The dead
Books recording what they had done during life

• Books recording what they had done during life
• The Book of Life recording the names of God's children

All the dead were judged
All the dead were judged
God's holy people serve him & reign with him eternally
• Believers reign with Christ
• Unbelievers go to a
Christ-less eternity in hell


Q Do you believe in the reality of God's judgement? Why?

Q What is the basis for judgement on the Day of Judgement?

Q What criteria are used to determine the destination of each person?

Q What are the differences between the Bema Judgement and the Great White
     Throne Judgement?

Q Does God send people to hell?  If not, who does? How do you know?

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How would you answer someone who said s/he did not believe in heaven and hell or that a loving God could send people to hell?

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